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Competition  Rules

GENERAL - The competition consists of 4 heats, which for 2023 are Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th August. A maximum of one quarter of the competitors from each heat will go forward to the final on Sunday, provided they weigh in trout in the heat. A competitor may take part in one heat only

Only Traditional Wet Fly and Dry Fly Allowed. Any other methods will disqualify.

1 -  Any Competitor found trolling flies, baits or lures, spinning or dapping will be disqualified.

2 -  Competition starts at 11 am and all boats must be inside the markers by 6 pm, otherwise Boatmen will be liable to penalties and anglers will be disqualified.

3 -  Competition will start in the open lake at 11 am and will finish inside the markers in Cushlough Bay at 6 pm.

4 -  No recorded measurement will be accepted from any angler handing in less than 2 fish on the heat days. Weigh in tickets must be completed in full.

5 - All fish must measure at least 13"/33cm. This dimension is measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. Any short fish presented disqualifies entire catch.

6 - Each competing angler is responsible for measuring the first 2 fish on the heat day and their catch on the final day. The Boatman who has equipped himself with an official measure is responsible for measuring and recording before returning any other qualifying fish to the lake. This will be signed and endorsed by the two anglers.

7 - The Committee will not be responsible for accident or loss and all competitors fish at their own risk.

8 - Only brown trout shall weigh in.

9 - Cups are perpetual and only held for one year.

10 - The Committee reserve the absolute right to postpone, alter or cancel the competition in the event of weather being inclement or for any other reason. All entries are accepted expressly to this condition.

11 - No proxy anglers allowed

12 - Only single hook flies are allowed. Not less than 2 and no more than 4 flies will be permitted.

13 - The Competitor with the greatest number of fish will qualify for any prize when 2 or more anglers have equal weights of fish.

14 - Fishing from the shore is not allowed

15 - Winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Heaviest Fish Prize are not eligible for any other major prizes on Finals day.

16 - Competitors must only have one rod assembled.

17 - Competitors are not allowed to use their own boat or engine. Boatmen are in control.

18 - Any infringement of the above rules automatically disqualifies the Competitor

19 - All prizes must be collected on Final Night. Committee are not responsible for uncollected prizes.

20 - Competitors should not stand while fishing.

21 - Electronic fish finders may not be used.

22 - The Committee's decision is final in all matters

23 - All entrants are enrolled as members for the duration of the Competition

24 - All fish landed must be weighed in

25 - Lifejackets are a legal requirement and must be worn at all times

Boatmens'  Rules

1 - Competition Boats must be in good condition of at least 18' and be equipped with an out board of no less than 6 HP.

2 - All Boatmen must ensure that have a suitable landing net and measuring device.

3 - In the interest of safety, any Boatman deemed by the Committee to be driving in an irresponsible manner or attempting to pass the lead boat will be liable to penalties.

4 - Boatmen are independent contractors are in full control. All boats must be inside the markers by 6 pm, otherwise, the Boatmen will be liable to penalties.

5 - No Boat may drift within100 yards of the boat in front, or cut on on a boat adrift.

6 - No Boatman is allowed to fish while acting as a Boatman.

7 - Lifejackets are a legal requirement and must be worn at all times.

Boatmen, please make sure you have a new measure before leaving the shore (contact any Committee Member).


  • All competitors must wet their hands before handling fish

  • Any angler bringing in any under sized fish is liable to prosecution

  • Please do not leave litter on the islands or the shore

  • The World Cup Committee would like to thank Ballinrobe & District Anglers for the use of their facilities

  • All non club members boars to be removed from Cushlough Bay by August 6th

  • Last meal served at 8 pm


Lifejackets are a legal requirement and must be worn at all times
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